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Matt Choi
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 by Leonard C.

AOSB course was good. Wish I knew it was that advanced. I guess I am making money and should not really complain. Would recommend.

 by Jen and Vince D.
down to earth

My husband and I retired last year and started learning with Certus Trading. I always find these financial companies intimidating and arrogant, but Mat wasn't like that and he has been helping us out a lot we are so new. Took us 6 months to muster up courage to place our first trade and when Vince told Mat he carried us throgh the trade and offered us an added 6 months subscription no cost. Funny that the first trade was a loss, but the next 20 we made money on 16. Thank you Mat for helping us get on our feet. JV

 by Chuck B.
Can't say enough

I was a floor bond trader for 15 years and made my share of money. Times have changed and everything is behind screens. I trade futures with a couple of other guys but Matt is my man for options. He knows how the markets work and if you are discipline enough to follow his guidance on his coaching call you are golden. When I was on the fllor it was all about taking care of risk or you are cooked. Matt is the only retail guy that I know who takes risk seriously. He looks at the whole game and takes both sides to avoid catastrophe and believe me i have seen a lot of people jump off the roof before. A few years back in new york he spent time talking with us like a normal dude and paid for all our drinks. He is a big reason why I am still winning in this jungle

 by Marek M.
Volatile at times but overall doing great

Majority trades seem to work out, although some require more "nerves from steel" than others. Example would be chicken strangles or butterflies. It's been few trades so far that they turned from loss to profit almost on the day of expiration. Amazing power of Vega and Delta!

 by K. Woo
Extensive Program

The progams and strategies are very extensive and come with a very affordable price. The strategies are explained in great details and easy to understand and implement. Payment is one-time and allows the student to revise the course at no additional charge. Some course providers require renewal fees, similar to paying rent to hire a car. Best of all , payment allows life-time access to current and past trades. Thank you very much.

 by Bonnie G.
Loving it

Love the variety, makes for a challenge for me. 20+ years ago my New Year's resolution was NOT to lose weight but to learn to invest. I soon learned investing and trading were 2 different things. I am a physician and have truly spent more $ on my trading education than my medical education, but it has been very enjoyable. When I found Matt, it was the perfect fit for me. He has done all the research, he's willing to share it, and he is an honest good person who wants others to succeed. It's a recipe for success. BTW, chicken strangles have hit on 90% so far. Love them.

 by Phil C.
Passion and patient mentor

I have been with Certus Trading for not a year, and I am thrilled with the process. I look forward to the weekly Profit Scheduler Set Up newsletters and the bi-weekly Coaching Calls. I appreciate everything you do for all your students; you not only have the intellect to guide us through the various scenarios of trading options, but you have the passion and patience to explain your thought process.

 by Charles D.
Challenging in a good way

The program is best suited for students who have a good working knowledge of how options work. I had that Knowledge, and was pleasantly surprised and impressed that Matt's program would challenge me to take the next steps in understanding some little-known strategies including the intricate effects that the Greeks would play in the success of each strategy. For all the AOSB program offers, the price is well worth it.

 by Teddy N.
Account up 40% since we started

My wife and me are 6 months into the Profit Scheduler program. So far 31 closed trades with 21 wins 7 losers 3 washes. The strategy is quite consistent you got to have the guts to stay course. Account up over 40% can’t complain.

 by K. Donohue
Top 3 programs I've even taken

Hands down one of the top 3 programs out there. Matt knows his stuff and he is down to earth talking with him. Highly recommend.

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