Matt Choi – Founder of Certus Trading

Photo of Matt Choi, Founder of Certus TradingMatt Choi is a self-taught, professional trader with over 22 years of trading experience. He is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician), and specializes in trading stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies, and options. Matt is the founder and chief strategist of Certus Trading Inc., a trading education company with a mission to help traders and investors achieve consistent profits, using Matt’s hard-learned knowledge and unique experience as a trader himself.

A born entrepreneur, Matt Choi owned and operated a successful car dealership after obtaining his MBA (with a special focus on innovation and technology) from McMaster University while he also traded the markets on the side. However, he always knew his passion lied in the financial markets. Matt also understood that the opportunities in trading are limitless and that the industry could give him the mobile lifestyle that he wanted. Eventually, he sold his successful car dealership to focus full-time on his trading.

Matt first started trading in 2001, and at the beginning, he had no idea how to tackle the markets. He spent endless hours and an enormous amount of money searching for the perfect trading system that he now knows doesn’t exist.

Fortunately, by 2005, Matt met his trading mentor, the late George Fontanills, who spent time with him and set out to understand Matt’s “trading personality.” Fontanills told Choi he should focus on a few specific markets to maximize his profits, and determined that swing trading would likely be most suitable for Matt. He also taught Matt several risk management techniques that he could use to preserve capital when the markets are down, and how to go after the markets to maximize profits when opportunities arise. Fontanills’s mentorship helped Matt understand that the most important quality that a trader can have is a “winning mindset,” and Matt has carried that with him throughout his career.

Matt Choi’s trading has been consistent and profitable since 2006. Currently, he continues to swing trade markets that show patterns of highly repetitive prices, which he has found provide the best trading opportunities. After achieving success with his own trading, Matt decided that
he wanted to assist others in finding the same results and founded Certus Trading, a trading education company, in 2011.

Matt’s experience and knowledge has been earned after years of trading his own money. He has developed profitable trading strategies over the years, and shares the “3 Psychological Mindsets You Must Have To Beat Wall Street” in his Amazon Bestselling book “The Winning Way”. The book is co-authored with Brian Tracy and other experts around the world.

Matt was a 2019 speaker at TradersEXPO in Chicago, presenting a talk on “Supercharge Dividend stocks with Options and Profit with Options on Scheduled Stock Moves”. He was also a speaker at the 2019 Las Vegas TradersEXPO, providing a keynote presentation on “Best Options Stretagy We’ve EVER Used!”

Matt Choi resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife, son, and their dog. He loves traveling the world with his family during his downtime, and enjoys watching soccer on TV. He is also an avid foodie, and loves to try out cuisine from around the world when he travels.