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Matt Choi
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by Pax H. on Matt Choi

Thanks, Matt for the education. Your explanation is simple, clear and concise. 

by Michael H on Matt Choi
personal response

Hi Matt, your personal response is a great help toward my learning. It's nice to find someone who really cares that his students succeed.

by Terrance O on Matt Choi
Guilty Confession

Matt - Very much enjoying the service so far, especially the bonus trades from the coaching calls - missed it live, but will get in the trades tomorrow. I have a guilty confession which is that I already earned my membership fee with the COO trade that you gave out for free on a webinar a couple of months back - took home a nice $1490 which covers my start up costs for your program 🙂

by Gary D on Matt Choi

When I first met Matt at the MoneyShow in New york I thought he was a good trader but an arrogant man. Boy was I wrong. I joined his coaching service and realized that he is blunt and honest and not one to sugarcoat anything. He is a great trader but most of all he is a great mentor and cares about us. That's my experence.

by Jim Crothel on Matt Choi
Best year

I almost tripled my account in 2020 using Matt's strategies and techniques. It was by far my bst year and i look forward to many more. Matt, if you are reaidng this thank you for making me believe in myself I am very grateful.

by Mark W. on Matt Choi
Keep us prepared

Matt,  I'm sure you have received a ton of emails from satisfied Students,  I would like to add to that list....  Thanks for the great market perspectives every week and for the great coaching you do for us bi-monthly. Keep us prepared for the opportunity ...

by Harry M. on Matt Choi
Out of the box thinking

I am learning a lot from your very out of the box thinking, needless to say that it is very informative as well as thought provoking too.

by Albert B. on Matt Choi
I am not disappointed!

I saw Matt's presentation in Canada Money Show sometime late Sept this year. I liked Matt's explanation on option trading approach and I decided to join the Profit Scheduler Club for Options. I traded the initial recommendations in my paper trading account and was surprised that they turned profitable within a few days. Such early performance perked my interest and wanted to know what strategies Matt was using that I could learn myself. I am not disappointed!

by Greg O. on Matt Choi

 Here is an update.  I had bought LVS 50/55 Call spread when you recommended it and paid $2.21.  This morning I was filled at a price of $4.85 to close the spread.  ($264 profit). I had bought the BA 170/175 Call spread when you recommended it and paid $2.18.  Today I was filled at a price of $4.80 to close the spread. ($262 profit). Great trades!

by D. Cruz on Matt Choi
For my kids

I love trading Bull-Fly 28, out of 10 trades I have made so far, I only have one losing trade and that is because I snooze. I would like to retire in two years and concentrate on trading, hopefully in two years I'll have a fraction of your skills and more confident on my moves. Someday, I also hope that I can pass this on to my children and encourage them to trade as well.

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