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Matt Choi
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 by Steve K.
All around superb

Been with certus and Matt for over a year. Quite accurate results over 70% have been winners. Attend his zoom calls regularly don't ever miss it I learned so much there. All around superb investment.

 by Virginia P.
No finance mumbo-jumbo jargon

I saw Matt on the Marketplace investor conference online. I was very impressed with the ease in which Matt explained his process. Very down to earth no finance mumbo-jumbo jargon. Very refreshing. Matt is so enthusiastic about his process!!!! Sometimes he gets a little ahead of me, actually alot, but he pulls himself back and explains. There is no down talking, which is fantastic. As a Newby his encouragement to keep at it is well received and welcomed

 by Susan W.
Matt is very knowledgeable

Matt is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to learning more.

 by Darren R.
Straightforward and analytical approach to options

I've been a Profit Scheduler member for almost 2 years, and have joined almost every coaching call, live. I really enjoy and relate to Matt's straightforward and analytical approach to options trading. With just the knowledge from the classes, I've been able to construct -- and successfully trade -- several of my own iron condors. Something I had never done before. I had watched the Bull Fly 28 presentation several times, over the 2 years, and finally decided to invest in learning more unique strategies.

Very clear rules and presentations. Great variety of strategies. I can't use all of them right now, and I understand I don't need to, but when the right opportunities present themselves, I'll have a way to trade them. I was also pleased to find PDF's of the strategy presentations were included, making it easy to review key concepts. The scanning scripts that were included for several of the strategies was greatly appreciated!

 by Nathan B.
Methodical and discipline

It is very methodical. The step by step instructions are very clear and anyone can follow them. As I said earlier, it was a wake up call for how organized you need to be to play this game. I see many mistakes I have made because I didn't write down the rules of the game and my trading was all over the place. This helps with discipline. Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I really like "Trading Big Moves with Options" as a bonus. Thanks for that.

 by Jonathan I.
Powerful program

It was very organized, the materials were great, the concepts were explained and made sense in terms of the market and why the trade was constructed in the manner it was. The coaching calls are excellent. Having 1 strategy to study, in-depth, per week was great. I also found your "follow-on" emails about the background behind a strategy to be extremely helpful. I really liked the idea of being able to look-ahead on an annual calendar and actually plan trades that would execute on a weekly basis - this is one of the most powerful elements of the program.

 by Gene K.
Thanks for caring

I trade with other mentors but none of them care about me like you do. The time you spend on live coaching calls explaining things in details and your response to my questions are always you. Your feedback to me is brutally honest at times, and I need this kick in the ass. Unlike others who just wants me to buy all kinds of courses, you have never sold me on anything else. This alone separates you from others. Thanks Matt

 by Matteo B.
Proved me wrong

I have been trading options and futures for 30 years and thought I’ve seen it all. I joined Certus just to see what Matt can do with very low expectation. That was 6 months ago and having been on Matt’s calls and going through AOSB I can’t believe how much tactics and strategies he has up his sleeves. The most impressive to me is how he deploys these strategies based on the market at the time. So many people out there says one strategy is all you need but that’s bs. Matt has taught me the how and when to apply different strategies. Thanks Matt, just your CPI straddle is worth the price of signing up.

 by Ryan H.
Love the condors

Hello Matt, I wanted to start off with thanking you, I am seeing my balance slowly going up verses losing money. I have tried  option trading on and off for years. I am a big fan so far of Butterflies and Condors. I like the income approach so far. Some of the directional play. Have off set the gains but still my  balance is going in the right direction.

 by Sub R.
Better late than never!!

AOSB has truly given me a better understanding of options. Initially I was wondering if I could get access to all the trainings in the beginning, but as the weeks progressed I was learning a bit at a time, it made sense, I had to structure the learning week by week. The training videos are great, the study material is excellent and easy to follow page by page. Each page has the highlights to look into. Very easy to follow and very enriching for educating oneself. I have made additional notes which will help one re-reviews for strengthening the knowledge depth. Your voice and tone is excellent, I love to join and hear your biweekly trainings to capture your thoughts on market and a few options.

AOSB has helped me understand options - the right way to execute the strategies. I have used most strategies. Success in some and not so in some. I build on better understanding as I execute more trades and it gets me confidence.
For me, I wish knew about you Matt years back and joined the program. Better late than never.
The market has been crazy past months and at times its discouraging the way market moves inspite of all analysis. But listening to you on Thursday's gives a better insight and words of caution and moderation.
Over time I look forward to strengthening my knowledge and skills in trading options, knowing I have the best training available to me and joining with you in the journey.

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