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Matt Choi
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 by Neil D.
Put in the work

Not much to say except to put in the work. Kept my head down and worked hard using Mat's method. Results have been good for me and that's what matters.

 by Jason P.
Very organized

Very organized. Matt knows what he is talking about. Live calls are very valuable to understand what's happening today through Matt's lens. Highly recommended just my 2 cents.

 by David L.
Very tough

The coaching calls with Matt alone is worth the admission. He guided me through this choppy market and helped me with timing the trades, and encouraged taking profit. My biggest takeaway from Matt is how to turn a small stock move into a huge options win. We can't win them all, and Matt has showed me how to maximize all opportunities. Only complaint is how advanced his trading is and it can be difficult to keep up (but worth it). He truly cares and is a great mentor for me.

 by Mike K.
Straight up with me

I've been in many trading prgrams and all they do is try to sell you more stuff. Signed up with Certus about 6 months ago and Matt hasn't try to sell me anything. I asked to join his other course AOSB and he told me straight up to hold off an wait another few months to be ready.  Even in this craziness I am making money with his strategies. I recommend Matt without a doubt.

 by Paul G.
I will probably invest more capital

I need as much information as possible to become an accomplished trader. I bought into AOSB because you explained well and with a fetching enthusiasm when presenting O Alerts. Also, I stared to have a few winners. The most successful trades have been using Module #3, Fly on Points. I will probably invest more capital.

 by Sub R.
Good journey

AOSB has helped me understand options - the right way to execute the strategies. I have used most strategies. Success in some and not so in some. I build on better understanding as I execute more trades and it gets me confidence.
For me, I wish knew about you Matt years back and joined the program. Better late than never.
The market has been crazy past months and at times its discouraging the way market moves inspite of all analysis. But listening to you on Thursday's gives a better insight and words of caution and moderation.
Over time I look forward to strengthening my knowledge and skills in trading options, knowing I have the best training available to me and joining with you in the journey.

 by Kim N.
I was new to options and there sure was a steep learning curve.

I was new to options and there sure was a steep learning curve. The first 3 months learning the AOSB systems was like a foreign language to me. I must say Matt and his team are very helpful with my questions. Fast forward a year I now have a strong understand of options and the last 5 months my account has been growing consistently. I hate the violence we are seeing in Ukraine, at the same time the market volatility has made me a small fortune thanks to Matt's teachings. I have donated some of my profits to help the Ukrainian folks. I encourage everyone reading this to be kind and generous.

 by Jim M.
Your dedication to teaching and supporting those of us in the trading world is exemplary.

Your dedication to teaching and supporting those of us in the trading world is exemplary.

You are giving a huge gift which is consistent to the Canada I enjoy and espouse to my grandchildren.

At a time of selfish behaviors, you and those like you are validating good core values, that will endure.

Best wishes to you and your family.

 by H. Wray
Easy to understand, precise entry and exit trades.

Easy to understand, precise entry and exit trades. High proberbility trades with good ROI. The few trades I have done has worked out reasonable well, EA was awesome.

 by Mark M.
I liked Matt's no nonsense, no fluff take on making money with options

I liked Matt's no nonsense, no fluff take on making money with options. I like the extended arsenal I have at my disposal. What I like best is that my membership is for life, So I can and most certainly will be revisiting modules when I need them, coupled with the fact that unlike other trainers I feel I can approach Matt when in doubt about something, and I get a professional timely response. I have experience in Options Trading, however, we can always learn from others.. I have enjoyed the comprehensive thought processes being presented in the course, giving me multiple angles to create an income from.

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