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Matt Choi
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by D. Cruz on Matt Choi
For my kids

I love trading Bull-Fly 28, out of 10 trades I have made so far, I only have one losing trade and that is because I snooze. I would like to retire in two years and concentrate on trading, hopefully in two years I'll have a fraction of your skills and more confident on my moves. Someday, I also hope that I can pass this on to my children and encourage them to trade as well.

by Alvin H. on Matt Choi

I have been trading options for over 20 years but never have found a reliable, safe, and straight forward way to make money in options until I found Matt's AOSB program. I've tried many, many options strategies before and never was able to stick with them long enough to make any money. So, I originally hesitated to try another one. However, after getting into the AOSB program and understanding how easy it is to calculate the Risk to Reward figures, I immediately knew this was the style and clarity that gave me confidence to trade using the AOSB program. My account has increased instead of decreasing in the last month or so. One thing that is hard to quantify, is that I definitely have more confidence in placing my trades and expecting a positive outcome.

by Michael B. on Matt Choi
Steep curve but worthwhile

One complaint I have with the advanced option course is the steep learning curve for a new comer like me. It took a few months to get thing going and I have been taking in 10-12% each month. I enjoy Matt's mentoring and look forward to a long relationship.

by Darren Schmidt on Matt Choi
Results speak volumes

Dear Matt, as per your request I am writing this review for certus trading. You do not need to twist my arm I am grateful for your help. Results speak for themselves I made 64 trades in the recent 6 months and 47 were wins. My CS account is up about 60% YTD. Helen mentioned she sees more confidence in my decision trading I feel that too. Thank you for caring. D.

by Adam D on Matt Choi
Amazing mentor and human being

Hi Matt, thank you for yesterday’s meeting with such timely information. My bad for not sending an update to you sooner, but my excuse is Lucy and I have been swamped with the girls being homeschooled this semester. Anyhow, kudos to your coaching my account has more than doubled this year and I intend to finish the year strong. I went with all the bullish seasonal trades and added some straddles as hedges like you call them. Lucy is really into iron condors and quick credit spreads, and she keeps finding winners. Leanne is 14 and we’ve been spending an hour each week teaching her the markets. She is studying the AOSB videos and she has been attending your calls with us. Dinner convos have been about the markets with my 14 and 11 year olds (I still find that strange). It has been almost 3 years since joining AOSB and finally everything is clicking and damn it feels right. Sorry for rambling on, thanks for everything and you can share my story with others if it helps.

by Peter B. on Matt Choi
Thanks I enjoy your service greatly!

Thanks I enjoy your service greatly! Because with your research I decided to take a flyer and bought some naked calls on XLNX. That I promptly sold the next day, Friday. Great luck! 

by Michael H. on Matt Choi
So glad to have found Certus

So glad to have found Certus. Net profits after commissions for 1st three weeks = 1.33X two year membership fee. Thank you Matt.

by Dale Gustanivic on Matt Choi
Bad start

I'll try not to write too much, but long story short, I paid two grand for the advanced options program and within a month I was down 10% and was livid. The turning point was my Skype call with Matt he corrected a few things I was worng and gave me a trading plan to follow. I had lots to time during pandemic lockdown to trade and now 6 months later my account tripled to almost 200k. I can say enough good things about Matt he really cares and my family can't thank him enough.  My conclusion is Matt's options trading is advanced and you can really screw up if you don't understand it. But if you listen to him the results will be amazing I am living proof.

by Petaiah Mohan on Matt Choi
superb trader and teacher

Hi Matt,
I am always looking for Sunday to see your weekly recommendations. I have been with your programs for little over a year. I thoroughly enjoy your webinars. The way you teach is superb. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks for all you do top help others.

by Ken Davies on Matt Choi

The one thing about Matt is he doesn't just feed us his trades. During every single coaching call with him, he makes things a tad challenging and always keep me on my toes. I am a better trader as a result of his mentoring.

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