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Matt Choi
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by Anonymous on Matt Choi

Matt, thanks for the phneoe call to get my trading plan straight. Like I said on the phone, I was doing ok before winning about 65% of my trades. I am going to implement what you told me and I can see already the success rate will be 70%+, and that's with a few small changes.  Appreciate you asking me to wrte this testimonial for you and I am honored to do it.

by Anonymous on Matt Choi

Dear Matt, thank you so much for your educational classes. I have taken too many classes with too many gurus only to find out that the best one lives in my own town of Toronto.

by Rich V. on Matt Choi

Matt I wish to tell you that I enjoyed your seminar on dividend investing very much!! This is the kind of education that I was hoping for when I signed up, and you delivered.

by S. Chen on Matt Choi

Matt, many thanks again for your email explain JNJ. This morning when market open, JNJ was going up and up. I was watching the pips shot up, then close out my trade@ 3.24 credit. in was@ 1.92. This was a big gain for me.

by Nancy G on Matt Choi

I started with the Profit Scheduler, liked what I was seeing and wanted to expand into the more advanced options strategies. I love these strategies and appreciate the scripts provided for the various platforms where appropriate.

by Todd T. on Matt Choi

Initially I purchased the profit scheduler club and then expanded into the Advanced options blueprint.
What intrigued me was the edge you were showing by following readily available information assembled in a unique way that could be duplicated year after year on the same stocks and same schedules, similar to seasonal stock trading, seemed like something I could follow without too much analytical work or thinking. Then when the Advanced Options Blueprint was offered, the idea of learning your own specific and favorite options strategies was impressive, sine Options with limited risk and leveraged upside potential was what I am looking to expand my trading into. Buying and selling stocks or day trading was too slow for what gains they provided or the commission hit each transaction would take. I needed bigger gains for less risk and lower costs overall to be able to grow my IRA acct to where I could pull money out of the markets consistently well into retirement when I get there of course.

by F. George on Matt Choi

Proverb: Teach a man / Woman to fish, He /She would eat for a lifetime. Very true here.
A.O.S.B strategy program is very powerful. The courses are really advanced and it takes a lot of diligence and dedication along with patience for this to work.
Come to think of it,there's always Evolving new strategy introduction. Never ending sources of profit generating and best of all better options trade application as necessary. Matt. Sir, you are God sent.

by Michael Daty on Matt Choi

I like the different strategies and how they can be used. Also I like the webcasts that went over each of the strategies.

by Bruno Lescoat on Matt Choi

Matt you have been able to find strategies that work really. It is somewhat a miracle given that the economic, financial and options theories state that there is no free lunch and all the opportunities have been arbitraged away. So congratulation, you have been able to find one of the remaining market inefficiencies and thank you for sharing your discoveries with us.

by ChongGhee on Matt Choi

Hi Matt, is sure fast - 8 weeks have gone, and I have gone through at least the 1st or 2nd round of the 7 modules, except the 8th,  I have done a lot on the Chicken Strangle, I must says a BIG THANK YOU and on this module alone, I have recovered some 9,000.00$ which was lost through my trade which was done by a close friend.  After enrolling for the course with you, I am doing the trading on my own and have recovered,  I have no regrets... Thanks again and look forward to trade using other modules especially Module 6.

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