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Matt Choi
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by Keith K. on Matt Choi
here is my run down

I joined Profit scheduler club in january and here is the run down - first trade I recouped the 1500 course fee, next 5 trades all wins 10000 total. At that time Matt told me to not get excited and keep risk managed. Lost 2 in a row, and now back on a 4 trade win streak. The coaching meetings go way beyond the program and honestly to God Matt holds nothing back. Nice guy, great trader, great mentor. It's not just about wins and lose I know when someone really cares.

by Peter E. on Matt Choi

Im amazed at your teaching ability and aim towards simplicity. I see Ilmn and Amzn are trading nicely!!😀 I just enrolled in the Scheduler and have been watching your coaching calls since inception I’m still in 2018. Great Stuff thanks there as well!! So thank you in advance. For this life changing opportunity!

by Ben C. on Matt Choi
stock analysis is very accurate

I treaded the spreads per your recommendations several times.  My experience is that simple call or put are must easier to go thru.  And because of this, I get better price most of the time.  But for stocks of high price, simple call and put often require more cash.  Your stock analysis is very accurate. I am okay with trading simple call and put.  Just my two cents of opinion. 

by Pax H. on Matt Choi

Thanks, Matt for the education. Your explanation is simple, clear and concise. 

by Michael H on Matt Choi
personal response

Hi Matt, your personal response is a great help toward my learning. It's nice to find someone who really cares that his students succeed.

by Terrance O on Matt Choi
Guilty Confession

Matt - Very much enjoying the service so far, especially the bonus trades from the coaching calls - missed it live, but will get in the trades tomorrow. I have a guilty confession which is that I already earned my membership fee with the COO trade that you gave out for free on a webinar a couple of months back - took home a nice $1490 which covers my start up costs for your program 🙂

by Gary D on Matt Choi

When I first met Matt at the MoneyShow in New york I thought he was a good trader but an arrogant man. Boy was I wrong. I joined his coaching service and realized that he is blunt and honest and not one to sugarcoat anything. He is a great trader but most of all he is a great mentor and cares about us. That's my experence.

by Jim Crothel on Matt Choi
Best year

I almost tripled my account in 2020 using Matt's strategies and techniques. It was by far my bst year and i look forward to many more. Matt, if you are reaidng this thank you for making me believe in myself I am very grateful.

by Mark W. on Matt Choi
Keep us prepared

Matt,  I'm sure you have received a ton of emails from satisfied Students,  I would like to add to that list....  Thanks for the great market perspectives every week and for the great coaching you do for us bi-monthly. Keep us prepared for the opportunity ...

by Harry M. on Matt Choi
Out of the box thinking

I am learning a lot from your very out of the box thinking, needless to say that it is very informative as well as thought provoking too.

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