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Matt Choi
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by Tom M. on Matt Choi
Incredible knowledge

I've begun making money from these strategies am just getting started. The reward vs risk scenario will put the spreads on my side as long as I follow the rules. I'm very excited to have the 3rd quarter earnings coming up with a plan already in place. Fly on Points has already made me money and this looks like a great way to make income. The strategies offer me very quick spreads to further out ones planned in advance and the long term Big Trade Moves. Very excited about the incredible knowledge I now have.

by John D. on Matt Choi
Love the earnings strategies

With the help of your recommendations on profit taking and risk management, I've had bigger winning positions than losers so I have been profitable up to now. I'm willing to be methodical and consistent in choosing my favourite strategies and see it through til then. Did I mention that my favourites are the earnings plays??

by Harry M. on Matt Choi
great mentor

Matt, your each and every lecture, supersedes the one before in info and content... great mentor.

by William B. on Matt Choi
Slowly maturely

Slowly but surely you're teaching me how to profitably trade using your weekly trades.  So far I'm up about $20K.  Thanks Matt!

by Mr. Orr on Matt Choi
I am totally blown away

Hi Matt, I have been trading options since 2006. When I saw your presentation on profit scheduler club for options it sound almost too good to be true. But I figure I'll  give it a try especially since you promise money back if I don't like it. In less then 3 weeks I already open 13 trades and closed 10 of them with 20% to 40% ROI, some of them within only one or two days ( 3 are still open) and I am totally blown away. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


by James C. on Matt Choi
Made enough (real) money to reimburse myself for the cost of my membership

Thank you for your training. I really like what you are doing, especially your use of Vertical Options Spreads. I've already made enough (real) money to reimburse myself for the cost of my membership, and I still 22 1/2 months of membership left.

by John Z. on Matt Choi
So many finer points about trading options I never knew existed

Matt, your instructions call today was the most helpful seminar having to do with options I have ever attended. So many finer points about trading options I never knew existed. Also, your comparison about time decay and toilet paper was precious - Your expatiation will stick in my head forever. Also, about implied volatility, never knew what that meant. I know this is all beginner stuff but you have to remember - if it was never taught how was one to know. Thank you so much. Keep it coming.

by Gary O. on Matt Choi
Incredibly encouraging

I am sure what I am going to tell you is something you have heard often, so just add me to the list. Your teaching methodology is superb. You start with baby steps and walk it up. Even though I have studied options and the Greeks, still there are things I did not realize until I heard some of the rather subtle points I apparently missed in the past. Something you said, though I find it difficult to say exactly what, has enabled me to peek through the options fog a bit better. Thank you for that Matt, I look forward to your coaching calls in upcoming weeks and I find them incredibly encouraging with the new insight you present.

by Trevor A. on Matt Choi
True to his words

Matt I really appreciate that you are true to your word from my initial contact with you from your presentation at the virtual Money Show I attended in March 2021 where you actually do invest your time to help your students.

by Keith K. on Matt Choi
here is my run down

I joined Profit scheduler club in january and here is the run down - first trade I recouped the 1500 course fee, next 5 trades all wins 10000 total. At that time Matt told me to not get excited and keep risk managed. Lost 2 in a row, and now back on a 4 trade win streak. The coaching meetings go way beyond the program and honestly to God Matt holds nothing back. Nice guy, great trader, great mentor. It's not just about wins and lose I know when someone really cares.

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