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Matt Choi
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by John Z. on Matt Choi

Matt,  Sorry about the Niners - they had a really great year but that Mahomes proved to be to hot to handle. Both teams have bright futures however. Wanted to tell you about my BA trade... at first very suspect, with all the news about the Max planes and production troubles - but jumped in anyway. BA stock went up 11 points the first day and is up again over 8 today. Awesome!!! My CR trade also went really well as I got in a day early when I noticed the stock was actually down around one point ( got in cheap). It rallied on Monday and is still moving upwards. This is a really great program you created. As time goes on, I believe it will impact my financial outlook on life. Thank you so much for your program and insights into how to set these trades up.

by D. Voigt on Matt Choi

I get it! I'm impressed with PSA now, excellent outcome. This is the very first option I've seen that runs like a Timex! I look forward to many happy returns with you.

by Gabriel M. on Matt Choi

Hi Matt and team - thank you for the coaching call yesterday. I placed an order on NVDIA and another one on ROKU along your recommendations and you were so right. Both trades were winners! I regret I took the profits too early this morning, but a profit is a profit, so no complaints. I thank you so much for the information and inspiration you provided! I am looking forward to the next seminar!

by V. Patel on Matt Choi

Just exited out of the 1st trade I made since I joined the profit scheduler club. I got in with just 1 contract on the COO trade and made out with about $470 in profit, I know a little less than what you mentioned but just wanted to take the win 🙂

by Larry F. on Matt Choi

Hi Matt. I took your advice and took profits on the Dec LLY position. I put on a credit spread. I originally sold 30 LLY Dec 115 Puts for 5.60 and purchased 30 LLY Dec 110 puts for 2.90 for a credit of $2.70. I closed the spreads at 10 @ .37, 10 @ .36 and 10@ .35. Total gain approx $7000. Thanks!

by J. Graham on Matt Choi

Dear Matt, following your email guidance,  I traded MU earnings, and closed it for 61% profit. I feel as though the sun has burst out! Thanks for the trading guidance - I am well in profit. 

by T. Miyashiro on Matt Choi

The strategies used are innovative and try to capitalize on valid or time-tested characteristics of options to the trader's advantage. You came across as a genuinely honest person with a mission to help ordinary people like me succeed in options trading. Thank you.

by S. Bailey on Matt Choi

I was looking to learn how to trade options. You promised 8 strategies that should work, and I was intrigued by the bull fly strategy you demonstrated in the presentation. Your style of teaching is very good. You held my attention through all the strategies I studied. This is not a course for beginners. Having said that, it should not matter, because the strategies were well explained and demonstrated.

by T Nguyen on Matt Choi

I had subscribed to Profit Schedule and upgraded after watching a demo on AOSB and finding the program addresses several areas of interests to me.  I find Matt to have the best explanation of the strategies to me so far as compared to other programs, and everything is practical with concrete details for execution. Highly recommended.

by K. VanDyke on Matt Choi

Matt, thanks for the phneoe call to get my trading plan straight. Like I said on the phone, I was doing ok before winning about 65% of my trades. I am going to implement what you told me and I can see already the success rate will be 70%+, and that's with a few small changes.  Appreciate you asking me to wrte this testimonial for you and I am honored to do it.

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