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Matt Choi
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 78 reviews
by Michael Daty on Matt Choi

I like the different strategies and how they can be used. Also I like the webcasts that went over each of the strategies.

by Bruno Lescoat on Matt Choi

Matt you have been able to find strategies that work really. It is somewhat a miracle given that the economic, financial and options theories state that there is no free lunch and all the opportunities have been arbitraged away. So congratulation, you have been able to find one of the remaining market inefficiencies and thank you for sharing your discoveries with us.

by ChongGhee on Matt Choi

Hi Matt, is sure fast - 8 weeks have gone, and I have gone through at least the 1st or 2nd round of the 7 modules, except the 8th,  I have done a lot on the Chicken Strangle, I must says a BIG THANK YOU and on this module alone, I have recovered some 9,000.00$ which was lost through my trade which was done by a close friend.  After enrolling for the course with you, I am doing the trading on my own and have recovered,  I have no regrets... Thanks again and look forward to trade using other modules especially Module 6.

by Sharon K. on Matt Choi

I started this program about 6 weeks ago and I cannot believe not only how easy it is to follow Matt's teaching; but I have already made my money back am up in my account, and doing great! Matt's attention to detail and knowledge of his subject is commendable. Very professional set up and service from day one!

by Mark G. on Matt Choi

I have been trading using Matt's strategies for almost 2 years. I am a member of AOSB and the Profit Scheduler Club. I also attended his 2 day Mastermind conference in Toronto. His strategies and teaching have dramatically changed my options trading and enabled me to be consistently profitable. Matt's courses are very well documented with easy to follow video lessons and ongoing monthly live webinar updates. I highly recommend Certus Trading.

by Bob M. on Matt Choi

I joined Matt Choi and Certus Trading two months ago. I have made six trades based upon Matt's experienced recommendations. Four of them have been closed, each with double-digit percentage gains. One was for over 70. The other three were "only" 33, 45 and 56. They went higher; however, I'm new so I wanted to take my profits since I have never had a trade go as high as these. The other two trades are ongoing, but I'm confident they too will be highly profitable. Matt Choi is a top-notch mentor, and he responds personally to questions. He'll help us make money while being a true friend in the process. Matt, you're AWESOME!

by Jose G. on Matt Choi

I was also a student of George Fontanills, but I could not afford his prices for the advanced courses. When I saw the price for your advanced strategies I was very interested particularly on learning butterfly strategies, because I knew that this strategy was Geroge's favorite. I really like the simplicity of couple of the strategies (CC and Fly-on-points) I have been using these two with good results. I also like the explanation of the butterfly's and Matt's explanations on how they work based on the Greeks. I like the monthly webinars on the strategies and how he goes thru the process of selecting, analyzing and putting on the trades. I have had good results implementing the CC on the SPX, I have set up all of the trades from the options alert service, and have about half of them fill according to the instructions. BTW this has really help me on not chasing trades like I had in the past, just let the price come to me.

by Gregory P. on Matt Choi

I have been trading simple options strategies for a number of years but I wanted to learn how how to trade more complex strategies that take advantage of volatility and earnings as trade catalysts. I signed up for Profit Scheduler first and was very pleased with the results. So I decided to take the plunge on AOSB. I think the other reason why I decided to invest in AOSB was, in short, your communications skills and extensive options knowledge. And it looked like you actually traded the strategies that you presented - something that other people who teach don't appear to do.

I like the monthly coaching sessions that review current positions as well as the bonus trades. It's instructive to see how you construct a trade - and use the charts as well. I think these sessions are very valuable in keeping me on course and strengthening my confidence to take trades. I also like the ability to get questions answered via email. And finally, I like the various options strategies in AOSB that can be used for different purposes.  Matt, overall, I am very pleased with AOSB and also Profit Scheduler - thanks for all the hard work involved in putting this all together. My goal is to be consistently highly profitable on a subset of the (8) strategies - I'm getting there...

by Keith McKenzie on Matt Choi

I was looking for options swing trade strategy program that systematically gets you in and has defined risk management. I really like that I can put your strategies to work and go about my daily activities without worries. I can check in maybe once or twice a day just to check that nothing crazy is happening. I been hitting some base hits with the bull & bear fly and chicken strangles, and I expect to grow my account gradually so I can do some traveling when my wife retires in a couple of years.

by Monica Zamora on Matt Choi

I decided to invest in AOSB bc of your presentation, it was different from everyone else in this arena. Also, your enthusiasm came across as very genuine and with a mindframe of "You can also do this." I've spent lots of money on training, seminars, options losses in the last 15 years but in your presentation i also identified your no nonsense style of trading. Your strategies thoroughly and patiently explained made it easier for me to comprehend if that makes sense. I've had tons of success on the chicken strangles and the bull fly so these are my favorites now! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and not gouging people with crazy prices. I'm just very grateful.

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