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Matt Choi
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 by Greg V.
Right up my alley

Hi Matt, my name is Greg and I am a member of your Profit Scheduler Club. The way you combine data with chart pattern is incredibly accurate. I am an engineer by profession, and your systematic way of trading is right up my alley. Thanks for everything you do for us traders.

 by Jay P
Great software

New user to the Profit scheduler software. It does what it says it can do. Great software and tool for my trading. JP

 by L Keller
Ok so far

I am new to your advanced program and find the material overwhelming. There is a lot of new concepts and it will take a couple of months to work thru. However, your support has been tremendous especially the live coahcing calls are extremely useful I am learning a ton each week. Will report back.

 by John Owens
Super boring

One thing Matt stresses is that trading should be boring, but the results should be exciting. I used to flock to the hotest stocks in excitment and have lost a ton of money. Since starting AOSB, I've become much more systemtatic and patient and now I am much more consistent. Like Matt says all the time, it is boring trading stocks like Walmart and Target, but when the money comes in I am laughing. J.Owens

 by T. Burns
Nothing but positives

Hey Matt, it's been 8 months since joining your group and I am pleased to say that the trajectory has been up and up. I track my trades carefully and over the past 6 months my portfolio return is 12% higher (each month) incorporating your strategies compared to before knowing you. I am grateful to have found you as a mentor.

 by M Ross
This is an excellent course

I joined Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint with Matt Choi to try to get a handle on my risky trading because I saw something familiar about it and I needed more strategies. One option expiration week, when I should have sold a call option worth $100,000, I saw it go to a loss of $200,000 and didn't know how to adjust. Lesson learned. That was before I found Matt and now I have far more than recovered. With just what I have learned so far, I am pleased with the results in using other strategies as recommended. Trading options has made millions for me in the past, and I have more new tools to use with confidence through following Matt to provide more safety for my capital. This is an excellent course to pursue advanced and interesting option strategies.

 by Jim F.
So far so great

Still new to your methologies, but results thus far are positive. I'm 78 and my goals are extra income, plus I enjoy making money.

 by Tom M.
Incredible knowledge

I've begun making money from these strategies am just getting started. The reward vs risk scenario will put the spreads on my side as long as I follow the rules. I'm very excited to have the 3rd quarter earnings coming up with a plan already in place. Fly on Points has already made me money and this looks like a great way to make income. The strategies offer me very quick spreads to further out ones planned in advance and the long term Big Trade Moves. Very excited about the incredible knowledge I now have.

 by John D.
Love the earnings strategies

With the help of your recommendations on profit taking and risk management, I've had bigger winning positions than losers so I have been profitable up to now. I'm willing to be methodical and consistent in choosing my favourite strategies and see it through til then. Did I mention that my favourites are the earnings plays??

 by Harry M.
great mentor

Matt, your each and every lecture, supersedes the one before in info and content... great mentor.

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