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Matt Choi
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by Carl L. on Matt Choi

Great webinar, love the challenges you offer us!! I appreciate you tell it like it is, and you don't sugarcoat anything at all. Onward and upward!

by Yesmina E. on Matt Choi

I decide to invest in this program because I need an options program that allows me to invest in different sorts of market (bearish bullish and no trend). Also I select an options program to be able to manage correctly the risk (most visible than investing in stocks directly). The AOSB presents 8 strategies and as I could see a webinar with Matt, I could see all he says is very clear (for a beginner like me) it is very useful and easy to understand him (no bla bla).

The program give me possibility to choice among the 8 strategies those which suit me and I like this. The content is very very well explained and although english is not my mother language I can easily understand Matt because the important things are always written on a pdf document we can consult. Thank you Matt !!

The strategies teach me how to construct options trades easily no place to the subjectivity I like this !! The support also is excellent Sharon always answers rapidly to the mail it is very appreciable thank you Support !!!

by Mike P. on Matt Choi

Loved Matt's call last week. Please thank him for me. What I liked most was that he addressed a lot of the "why" questions many of us have, in addition to the usual "what" he is doing. That really helps us to learn while we trade ("teaching us to fish" as the adage goes). Though much is over my noggin currently, it helps grow my knowledge base for further study. You are a great trader and a caring teacher too. Thank you.

by John Z. on Matt Choi

Matt, your coach call is so informative, makes me aware of ideas I would have never considered before , so astute.

by Ken L. on Matt Choi

Hi Matt - Thanks to your teaching and the experience you and your wife curated for us in Toronto, Brandon has gone whole hog in options trading. He's on the verge of making a viable living doing it. It was your generous offer to include children that has made this possible.  So many thanks.  I can only imagine how your own son will turn out with daily exposure to what his dad does for a living.  Looking forward to the new AOSB modules whenever they're published. Your genius is not just your mastery of the dynamics of options trading, but also making the principles and nuances learnable.

by Victoria B. on Matt Choi

I haven't been getting anywhere with the YouTube videos I've been watching, i decided it was time to move away from the free resources offered on the internet and onto something more serious.  Certus is much different than other online courses. First and foremost Matt is a great teacher. He seems to really care about his students and will go out of his way to explain his strategies and thoughts. Matt strategies go beyond simple calls and putts. It's really great for people who don't have too much spare time. The program is perfect and easy to understand. I've learned a lot in a short period of time.

by Richard V. on Matt Choi

Thank you Matt for the training and follow up. I am enjoying this intense learning. I am a very small investor but learning how to become a larger investor because of your teachings. Even though my size and experience has me at a beginner level at my broker. Based on your teachings and the current situation of the market, I was thinking that a LEAP in Gold would have a lot of potential, but didn't think just buying a LEAP would be the way to go about it! Then your latest webcast was on exactly that topic and very exciting! Thank You.

by Les H. on Matt Choi

Todays training was one of the best I attended. In fact I was able to play all three options you covered. I love the inclusive format and hope you continue it.

by John Z. on Matt Choi

Matt,  Sorry about the Niners - they had a really great year but that Mahomes proved to be to hot to handle. Both teams have bright futures however. Wanted to tell you about my BA trade... at first very suspect, with all the news about the Max planes and production troubles - but jumped in anyway. BA stock went up 11 points the first day and is up again over 8 today. Awesome!!! My CR trade also went really well as I got in a day early when I noticed the stock was actually down around one point ( got in cheap). It rallied on Monday and is still moving upwards. This is a really great program you created. As time goes on, I believe it will impact my financial outlook on life. Thank you so much for your program and insights into how to set these trades up.

by D. Voigt on Matt Choi

I get it! I'm impressed with PSA now, excellent outcome. This is the very first option I've seen that runs like a Timex! I look forward to many happy returns with you.

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