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Certus Trading Reviews
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by Scott Schneider on Certus Trading Reviews

I've been an options trader for well over 20 years - but principally covered called and buying puts and calls. I liked your presentation and wanted to improve my trading repertoire.  I like the program because it is the old "teach-a-man-to-fish" approach. And really helpful. I like doing my own research, and this has given me better tools to do so.

I had a grand slam the other day. I had used a Chicken Strangle strategy several weeks ago to find DG, which was not on your recommended list. Put on the Chicken Strangle as described, and set an automatic exit when the profit target was reached. When the market tanked last week, the trade executed automatically, and then some. The market tanked so quickly that I wound up with a nice 65% profit, rather than the targeted 50%, on 15 contracts (target was to exit at $7.50, it executed for $8.25. Loved the IV blowup!!

by Thomas Serafin on Certus Trading Reviews

I wanted an alternate investment (options) approach conducted by a very successful mentor / trader.  In the forest, a scout relies on a trusted multi-use switchblade to work past obstacles. In the same manner you have provided various investment vehicles to apply to a myriad of opportunities. The time decay trades coupled with increasing IV seem to be working the best for me. I will continue to hone my setups with your continued guidance.

by Terry Becker on Certus Trading Reviews

I have wasted a lot of money with other programs, that for various reasons I was not satisfied with. Every time I sign up for another one it's a fight with my wife. I didn't doubt your program, but there is so much garbage out there and they just want your money. And I just didn't want to go though another fight.

I signed up for AOSB because it's a one time training and I can run the program all by myself. It's forever trading with a one time fee. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and trading experience with others. And I feel the fee is very, very reasonable.

I couldn't get the information fast enough. But the anticipation of waiting for the next strategy was exciting. Your training is well organized and presented. Everyone should be able to implement any of the strategies easily. I won't change anything.

I love the earnings trades. Best results were with chicken strangles. I was leery of this trade due to the higher cost to establish versus the flies. Made $15,000 1st month and that included a $4,500 error on my part. Had the wrong date on BABA. My error completely. I double check dates now. Not doing as good as I thought I would on Fly Square. Stock will move to short call or put, but high IV right now and short holds value after earnings. Once market settles down I think these will work better. Thanks Matt.

by Ananda Dharmapriya on Certus Trading Reviews

I watched your Money Show presentation on bullfly28 and figured, that was what exactly I was looking for (a rule based strategy with a scan to find the candidates). I knew I can find the same stocks that you will find and I did not have much hesitation after that. I started trading your strategies along with the trades you provided as promised in the program. So far they are pretty good. If I do the scans Thursday final hour or early Friday I can find the candidates that you describe in those trades. I use TOS and optionsanalysis and therefore I have the tools I need to follow you to the "t". Excellent!

by Konstantine Lois on Certus Trading Reviews

I liked the utilization of the butterfly the most. No one I have come across really teaches this method like Matt. And I trust that Matt has tried many strategies, so I like that he found one for maximum profit. I won't know how much I like the strategies until I actually spend a quarter and put them to use a lot more, but they opened my mind up a lot more and I am a better trader because of them! As far as my results so far, I've mainly been placing the fly trades and have profited something every time so far.

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