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Certus Trading Reviews
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by Jacques Depierre on Certus Trading Reviews

I freshly completed your AOSB 8-Module Course, and I found it well structured, well balanced, nicely illustrated with very concrete and very detailed examples (or "Case Studies") which help understand how to trade the 8 strategies, from signal to entry to exit, along with possible - yet genuine - dangers encountered in the way. Since AOSB is about options trading, it refers to the greeks - mainly the delta, the theta (time decay) and above all implied volatility (here I should say the way you comprehend IV is a true eye opener for options strategies based on volatility).

While discovering each new module, it becomes obvious that each of the 8 strategies is different and not every one will suit one's trading style. Personally, I'll be attracted by the 3 butterfly strategies because they'll allow me to precisely know in advance the maximum risk I'm ready to trade as well the maximum gain I may reach. In particular, I'm specially attracted by the Fly Square strategy which is delta neutral, which is very fast, and above all which is based only on options data and thus excludes any need to refer to charts and technical analysis. This is new for me because in the past I used to trade vertical spreads and iron condors while avoiding butterflies because on charts their shape looked less profitable than the shape of iron condors. Now thanks to your modules on Bull Fly 28 and Bear Fly 21 and thanks mainly to your optionsanalysis chart displays, my view changed radically, and from now on I think I will trade butterflies and drop iron condors.

Your AOSB course introduces 8 + 1 strategies, i.e. 9 strategies in all, which is great as I hinted above. However, I remain in a state of doubt: why 9 strategies and not 10 or 12, or 15? Isn't there a remaining or a hidden strategy out there that would allow from the start for profitable trades (victory trades), even out of a small capital?

To sum up my perception, I'd say that you manufactured a ready-to-trade jewel which includes in addition, for the targeted strategies, the codes that enable to scan and find the weekly signals that trigger potential trades. In a sense, the whole product is comparable with an electronic device or a smartphone sold with batteries inside - and not just sold naked. And - that's the icing on the cake - you take your students by the hand by providing free of charge 6-month alerts as an extra bonus. Moreover, you see to it that you make yourself available to answer questions that are raising along the learning process, and that helps clarify points that were still unclear to me so far.

One more point on my final goal (of becoming a millionaire): I wonder how fast one dealing with a capital of less than $50,000 can become a millionaire by following your recommendation of trading no more than 2.5% to 4% of one's capital per trade. And I'd be curious to know which of the 3 fly strategies would be most conducive to leading to the state of millionaire.

That being said, congratulations for your little jewel, Matt, and all my sincere thanks for being so clear, so straightforward, so careful, and so committed. You truly know how to put learners in confidence!

by David Sligar on Certus Trading Reviews

I have spent a lot of money in the past on trading courses, most of it wasted on material that was either inappropriate / impossible for my situation, or useless in the real money world competing against people with much greater access or skills. One course I recently paid for was based on a technical pattern that might have worked in the past but which now results in an average loss of 20% over many trades.

The AOSB program is logical, does not require a large account to start, and is based on statistical probability. I understand the rationale behind each strategy and feel that, with persistence, I can make this into a real source of significant income. I like the variety of option strategies, and Matt's successful experience with them.
I hope that I can do as well, with perhaps a bare minimum of hand holding while I'm becoming fluent with this trading methodology.

So far, the responses from Matt as well as the alerts, the webinars, and the modules have all been as excellent as I had hoped. (Sorry for nothing negative!) I've already said my favorite so far is the fly2 strategy, for its low debit amount and its short time frame. I also like the Crocodile Condor. Specific results, a Fly2 trade on ADSK. 60% profit overnight, I'm very happy!

by William Pitcock on Certus Trading Reviews

I had been trading options for about two years with a modicum of success before coming across your AOSB program. I made money, but executed a lot of trades to make a meager amount in relation to my option portfolio. Greeks were always a mystery to me as how to use them for profit. Your webinar on Bull Fly 28 changed my whole attitude about how to use them effectively.

The lessons are very thorough, and examples are very clear. Your transparency in your examples is refreshing. It reinforces your constant reminder that results are not guaranteed, and must be taken into account when entering and exiting trades. Your modules are almost all different subjects, which allows for more creativity in planning trades.

by Scott Schneider on Certus Trading Reviews

I've been an options trader for well over 20 years - but principally covered called and buying puts and calls. I liked your presentation and wanted to improve my trading repertoire.  I like the program because it is the old "teach-a-man-to-fish" approach. And really helpful. I like doing my own research, and this has given me better tools to do so.

I had a grand slam the other day. I had used a Chicken Strangle strategy several weeks ago to find DG, which was not on your recommended list. Put on the Chicken Strangle as described, and set an automatic exit when the profit target was reached. When the market tanked last week, the trade executed automatically, and then some. The market tanked so quickly that I wound up with a nice 65% profit, rather than the targeted 50%, on 15 contracts (target was to exit at $7.50, it executed for $8.25. Loved the IV blowup!!

by Thomas Serafin on Certus Trading Reviews

I wanted an alternate investment (options) approach conducted by a very successful mentor / trader.  In the forest, a scout relies on a trusted multi-use switchblade to work past obstacles. In the same manner you have provided various investment vehicles to apply to a myriad of opportunities. The time decay trades coupled with increasing IV seem to be working the best for me. I will continue to hone my setups with your continued guidance.

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