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by Mark Longazel on Certus Trading Reviews

Matt puts his best ideas out there in his 8 Trading Modules and it appears that I am doing much better with him than with other advising Services. I even set up a winner on my own without Matt's Advice. He shows you why a trade should work, not always, but much more than 50% of the time. I want slow steady investment income to go mostly up after losing nearly $20K with other advisors and I am seeing this!

by Gary Butler on Certus Trading Reviews

I am soooo happy that I can now have a trading plan that can work in all markets. Matt is a guy that is fun and direct about what you need and don't need to do. I have traded most of his blueprints and feel very safe about the results. The best part is they work.With your system I am batting 72% doing long duration trades and what has helped is knowing when to back ratio to make any needed adjustments. I feel like I am in control and not just taking a chance. It's nice to be able to grow on income made from trading. I am 651/2 and in 41/2 years will retire and love being able to still have great income. Forever great full to you Matt.

by Mark Klopfenstein on Certus Trading Reviews

Matt, I wanted to share a couple successes. I recently placed chicken strangle trades on Netflix and Tesla (3 rd quarter earnings season). I closed the Netflix trade for a 50% profit and the Tesla trade (today) for another 49% profit. Thanks so much for your AOSB.

by Steve Hinton on Certus Trading Reviews

I wanted to find someone that I can learn from...someone who would teach me "to fish", not just tell me theory or concept that can be found in any library or to tell me what to do without helping me to understand why. Instead, you have taken the time to teach me strategies that I can learn and use on my own and is useful in any type of market (up, down or sideways). I see through your teaching methods that you truly care about my success as well as the success of others and your strategies gave me a guideline to follow. Yes, I still had to DO and there is alearning curve, but testing, practice, experience, and time helped me to learn more and I am now a better trader than I was before. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to receive your help.I can positively and enthusiastically see and know that I can be a successful trader....and actually, I AM! I am at a point in my life where I have a good job and can set aside some money for trading and your strategies are helping me to now supplement my income but eventually will allow me to retire and continue trading full time AND be able to help family. I work 6 days a week and I really like getting into the market and then back out again as soon as possible. The trading strategies I like the best are the ones that stay in the market the least amount of time. I will put a sell order in as soon as I have bought a position so that if it hits when I'm not looking it will be filled and I won't be missing opportunities. I hope this helps and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you. Thank you Matt!!!

by George Hrycenko on Certus Trading Reviews

Feedback for Matt and AOSB:

  • Desire to have better understanding of options and option strategies
  • Desire to achieve more profitable options trading skills than that I have been learn on my own
  • Introductory presentation of AOSB appeared believable, well organized and clearly presented
  • Exchange e-mails with Matt were responsive and helped resolve residual issues
  • Life membership and Options Alert was highly attractive
  • I have a better understanding of the selected options trades and trade strategies
  • I have develop an improved understanding of Ameritrade's TOS and a beneficial understanding of "Options Analysis" - both extremely useful tools
  • I feel I have a greatly improved my understanding of the underlying basis for possible trades and their probabilistic outcome
  • My profitability is up, but I would like it to be better
  • More importantly my trade confidence is substantially improved

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